Top 5 tips to clean a saltwater coral tank


If you own a saltwater coral tank or looking forward to buying one, you must know how to maintain it. For that, you need to perform whatever daily, biweekly and monthly cleaning schedules your provided have recommended. That's all it takes to maintain a healthy and clean tank for the corals and fish inside.  It might take some time to get used to the cleaning schedule, but eventually, it will become a habit.


Below given are top 5 tips you must follow to keep your saltwater coral tank clean: 


Perform daily maintenance


While you provide your fish with enough food, there might be some leftovers. Using a net, skim any uneaten pellets or flakes out after about an hour of feeding the fish inside. If the leftover food remains inside, it might decay and cause the water to become cloudy. If you notice you the fishes inside not consuming the entire food within 5 minutes, consider reducing the food amount. Euro corals is a reputed site having one of the best collections of corals.


Remove 10% of the water


After every two weeks, you must replace about 10 % of the container's water. Using a siphon do the needful and discard the old water. Also, clean the hoses, filters, and pumps before adding fresh saltwater to the tank. 


Vacuum the substrate. 


Vacuuming the substrate or gravel before you add fresh saltwater after every two weeks is another essential step. For that, you need a conventional gravel siphon to take out detritus from the substrate. Before you buy one, make sure that the tube on the siphon suits the density of water and substrate. 


Clean the protein skimmer


Frequently, you must also clean the protein skimmer's neck. Proper cleaning will enhance the Skinner's efficiency and prevent building up of dirt. For cleaning it, you only need a paper towel and wipe it off.  


Deep-clean the aquarium

After every few months, repeat this procedure using an aquarium brush and scratch away the algae. Whenever you notice gunk and dirt building up, deep clean the coral tank. Deep clean the return pump, protein skimmer, powerhead, and hoses positively. 


There a variety of online sites that offer corals for sale online. Euro corals are one of the best ones. However, before you proceed to buy from any online site, check their terms and conditions and customer reviews. 

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